NKSoft is a dynamic and innovative Consulting and Open Source Solution development company. We provide vendor independent Smart Grid, AMI, EMS, DMS, Utility Network of the Future consulting services along with tools to establish project office to ongoing project management services.

We have been helping Cities, Muni’s and Cooperatives in developing Fiber to the Home (FTTx) strategy, business case, technology selection and deployment services since 2005. We also provide easy to use, cost effective, Open Source back office solutions to the FTTx providers.

We are the only firm with combined experience in the City Government, Utilities and Fiber Deployment.



  • Innovation

    We are an innovative company:

    –We improve technology

    –We improve our customer’s business processes

    –We improve society through innovative ideas

  • Integrity

    Integrity is key to our success:

    — Honesty

    — Reliability

    — Honor

    — Truthfulness

  • Intensity

    We have equal Intensity to life and work:

    — Passion

    — Strength

    — Concentration

    — Greatness

“NKSoft provides us world class innovative process and solutions to improve our bottom line.”

Energy Company President

“iMeet.Biz helps us to manage a $65 Million USD project with over 65 resources and 10 different partners in sync.  Regardless of the location of these resources, I have a up to the second update”

Jose Lovado Project Manager, Kit Carson Electric Broadband project